Ignite Endorsements 2020

The following candidates have demonstrated a genuine commitment to representing their constituents, and putting a high priority on the principles of liberty and ethical representation in their run for office. For this reason, the Ignite Foundation is proud to offer them an endorsement.

State Candidates

Brett Borden

WA State Legislative Dist 9 Pos 1

Jorge Girrido

State Legislative 38 Pos 1

Brett Rogers

Attorney General

Maia Espinoza

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Bob McCaslin

WA State Legislative Dist 4

Vicki Kraft

WA State Legislative Dist 17

Brad Klippert

WA State Legislative Dist 8

Robert Sutherland

Robert J. Sutherland WA State Legislative Dist 39, Pos 1

Jim Walsh

WA State Legislative Dist 19

Kyle Paskewitz

WA State Senator

Local Candidates

Dan Driscoll

Pacific County Commissioner #2

Thank You for Running!

Anthony Welti

State Insurance Commissioner

Allen Acosta

WA State Legislative District 22 Pos 1

Jared Frerichs

Lt. Governor

Matt Seymour

Lt. Governor

Alisha Beeler

WA State Legislative Dist 26

Kelsey Reyes

Commissioner of Public Lands

Steven Skelton

WA Congressional District 1

Jorge Besada

WA Congressional District 9